Three List Ideas to Jump Into the Very first Prenatal Visit to OBYGN

The first prenatal visit is a bit scary, a little daunting, and overwhelmingly exciting. Whether on the first visit or the 30th visit, the trips are always varying degrees of scary and thrilling. It all begins with the call to the office after learning about a pregnancy. How can an expecting mother get ready for the baby doctor? Mothers have a lot on their plate., and there are things which are very helpful and things that could be done that are not exactly helpful for a first visit. Mothers can productively gather information about the first day at the clinic.

Lists, Lists, Lists

What better way to come prepared for an OBGYN than with lists? Lists can methodically and specifically cover all the details necessary for nice and easy organization. Lists can come in many forms. Below are a few ideas for lists to come in as prepared as possible for the visit.


A list of various items in the bathroom cabinet is a mandatory start. This must include all medications currently being taking, as a doctor will want to know the brands and names for their own knowledge. They may recommend adjustments in medications if it has any effect on the pregnancy. Be wary and understanding of these potential changes. Expected mothers should also be open to new medications if it is applicable to the pregnancy.

HealFamily History

Expected mothers can come in with a list of health history in the family and other details that may help put together patterns to benefit the entire pregnancy. Preparation here also gives expected mothers time to ask the right questions and do the right research. Mom might know one thing, but dad has better information on health history on his side of the line. It will properly inform the OBGYN.

A Big List of Questions

A list of questions may be extremely valuable for the very first prenatal visit to anOBGYN. It happens all the time. Someone has a question they want to ask, but they forget about it when the time comes. Certainly, expected mothers will have questions. Some of these questions may not be addressed on day one (there is so much to know), so they need to be specifically asked. There are also scenarios an OBGYN cannot possibly know without being deliberately asked about it. Have a list of questions brought in and add new ones as they come up. Do not be concerned if the list reaches the other side of the page, or another page, or more.


A list of goals and expectations can be productive. Of course, this kind of list may not need to be presented to the doctor, but it can certainly put things into perspective. It can even be a wonderful thing to have once the baby is born and grows up. Placing feelings down in this kind of way is not unlike goal-setting. It affirms the goal. It makes the goal concrete. Of course, having a healthy baby is the only real goal. But, mothers-to-be can jot down what they expect and what they dream for during the pregnancy.

Equal parts scary and exciting, visiting the OBGYN is part of the adventure. Try in Bedford if you are in the mid-cities area. Fortunately, a great doctor can elevate the whole thing and make it extra special. Working with the doctor will require honesty and transparency. It will benefit the patient and the baby. Be transparent and open with the OBGYN, so he or she knows how to best handle the patient. This is the very beginning of, perhaps, the greatest adventure of all time. A doctor is a partner through this, and they can hold a patient through the bad times and the good times that may be up ahead.