Interview with a Local SEO Agency Expert

I had the opportunity to interview Neal Walters, SEO Expert in Dallas and Irving from and

SEO of course stands for Search Engine Optimization, sometimes called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Neal learned SEO from an elite group of SEO experts that have mastered the science of moving a website to the first page of Google. Any business that doesn’t have its web page on page 1 for the most relevant keywords can benefit from a service like this.

For example, suppose you are a plumber, if you search for “Irving emergency plumber”, does your site come up?  Neal also does “Lead Generation”, where he will build a site that gets ranked, and redirect phone calls from that site to your business.

Most business owners and even marketers don’t have the knowledge, experience, and technical skills needed to do SEO themselves.  They should be freed  to focus on building their business, and leave the technicalities to someone else.

Neal has recently completed an SEO book currently under the working name “SEO for 2017 and Beyond”, soon to be available on Amazon in both kindle and printed formats.

He allowed me include an excerpt from his book:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of moving a web page toward the first page of a search engines result pages (SERPs).
Through out this book, I will follow the common parlance and frequently refer to “an SEO” as a person who performs SEO.
The gold standard is Google, but some are concerned with Bing and Yahoo as well.  Yahoo has had its own search engine, used Google and acquired Inktomi, but since July 2009, started using Bing’s search engine rather than maintaining their own.
Google has the largest market share of searches at 64%, Bing at 19.8%, and Yahoo at 12.8%.  Thus most people focus solely on Google.
People use search engines to find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, locate local businesses, medical advice, and so on.  Keep in mind what pays the bills for search engine companies is the paid ads they place on the search results page.
This book focuses on SEO of natural or organic search, as opposed to paid advertising.

When people refer to “black-hat”, “gray-hat”, “white-hat” SEO, they are often referring to the techniques used to increase a sites rank.  As in the movies, the white-hat is the good guy, and uses techniques that Google approves of; while the black-hat is the bad guy, and uses techniques that are probably against Google’s stated practices.  The black-hat is more interested in how can I increase my ranking (the fastest and cheapest without hurting the site), where as the white-hat might spend his time getting links from real reputable websites (often by an “outreach” program), creating Infographics that get shared, or higher quality articles that have wide appeal.
One of my mentors (unfortunately I cannot remember which one) once said:

“There is no white hat or black hat; at the end of the day, there is only your bank balance.”

One might also say that the SEO is in the marketing, advertising, or lead generation business.  The typical local business that hires an SEO wants more traffic, i.e. more leads, which will turn into more customers.  Some SEO’s will focus on selling leads to the business, rather than moving the client’s website up in the rankings.

Check out Neal’s site:, and fill out his discovery form to see how he can help your business. He will do a free and private video analysis of your website.