Interview with a Local SEO Agency Expert

I had the opportunity to interview Neal Walters, SEO Expert in Dallas and Irving from http://IrvingSEOExpert.com and http://MazalTovLeads.com.

SEO of course stands for Search Engine Optimization, sometimes called Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Neal learned SEO from an elite group of SEO experts that have mastered the science of moving a website to the first page of Google. Any business that doesn’t have its web page on page 1 for the most relevant keywords can benefit from a service like this.

For example, suppose you are a plumber, if you search for “Irving emergency plumber”, does your site come up?  Neal also does “Lead Generation”, where he will build a site that gets ranked, and redirect phone calls from that site to your business.

Most business owners and even marketers don’t have the knowledge, experience, and technical skills needed to do SEO themselves.  They should be freed  to focus on building their business, and leave the technicalities to someone else.

Neal has recently completed an SEO book currently under the working name “SEO for 2017 and Beyond”, soon to be available on Amazon in both kindle and printed formats.

He allowed me include an excerpt from his book:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of moving a web page toward the first page of a search engines result pages (SERPs).
Through out this book, I will follow the common parlance and frequently refer to “an SEO” as a person who performs SEO.
The gold standard is Google, but some are concerned with Bing and Yahoo as well.  Yahoo has had its own search engine, used Google and acquired Inktomi, but since July 2009, started using Bing’s search engine rather than maintaining their own.
Google has the largest market share of searches at 64%, Bing at 19.8%, and Yahoo at 12.8%.  Thus most people focus solely on Google.
People use search engines to find answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, locate local businesses, medical advice, and so on.  Keep in mind what pays the bills for search engine companies is the paid ads they place on the search results page.
This book focuses on SEO of natural or organic search, as opposed to paid advertising.

When people refer to “black-hat”, “gray-hat”, “white-hat” SEO, they are often referring to the techniques used to increase a sites rank.  As in the movies, the white-hat is the good guy, and uses techniques that Google approves of; while the black-hat is the bad guy, and uses techniques that are probably against Google’s stated practices.  The black-hat is more interested in how can I increase my ranking (the fastest and cheapest without hurting the site), where as the white-hat might spend his time getting links from real reputable websites (often by an “outreach” program), creating Infographics that get shared, or higher quality articles that have wide appeal.
One of my mentors (unfortunately I cannot remember which one) once said:

“There is no white hat or black hat; at the end of the day, there is only your bank balance.”

One might also say that the SEO is in the marketing, advertising, or lead generation business.  The typical local business that hires an SEO wants more traffic, i.e. more leads, which will turn into more customers.  Some SEO’s will focus on selling leads to the business, rather than moving the client’s website up in the rankings.

Check out Neal’s site: http://irvingseoexpert.com, and fill out his discovery form to see how he can help your business. He will do a free and private video analysis of your website.

Three List Ideas to Jump Into the Very first Prenatal Visit to OBYGN

The first prenatal visit is a bit scary, a little daunting, and overwhelmingly exciting. Whether on the first visit or the 30th visit, the trips are always varying degrees of scary and thrilling. It all begins with the call to the office after learning about a pregnancy. How can an expecting mother get ready for the baby doctor? Mothers have a lot on their plate., and there are things which are very helpful and things that could be done that are not exactly helpful for a first visit. Mothers can productively gather information about the first day at the clinic.

Lists, Lists, Lists

What better way to come prepared for an OBGYN than with lists? Lists can methodically and specifically cover all the details necessary for nice and easy organization. Lists can come in many forms. Below are a few ideas for lists to come in as prepared as possible for the visit.


A list of various items in the bathroom cabinet is a mandatory start. This must include all medications currently being taking, as a doctor will want to know the brands and names for their own knowledge. They may recommend adjustments in medications if it has any effect on the pregnancy. Be wary and understanding of these potential changes. Expected mothers should also be open to new medications if it is applicable to the pregnancy.

HealFamily History

Expected mothers can come in with a list of health history in the family and other details that may help put together patterns to benefit the entire pregnancy. Preparation here also gives expected mothers time to ask the right questions and do the right research. Mom might know one thing, but dad has better information on health history on his side of the line. It will properly inform the OBGYN.

A Big List of Questions

A list of questions may be extremely valuable for the very first prenatal visit to anOBGYN. It happens all the time. Someone has a question they want to ask, but they forget about it when the time comes. Certainly, expected mothers will have questions. Some of these questions may not be addressed on day one (there is so much to know), so they need to be specifically asked. There are also scenarios an OBGYN cannot possibly know without being deliberately asked about it. Have a list of questions brought in and add new ones as they come up. Do not be concerned if the list reaches the other side of the page, or another page, or more.


A list of goals and expectations can be productive. Of course, this kind of list may not need to be presented to the doctor, but it can certainly put things into perspective. It can even be a wonderful thing to have once the baby is born and grows up. Placing feelings down in this kind of way is not unlike goal-setting. It affirms the goal. It makes the goal concrete. Of course, having a healthy baby is the only real goal. But, mothers-to-be can jot down what they expect and what they dream for during the pregnancy.

Equal parts scary and exciting, visiting the OBGYN is part of the adventure. Try http://www.gen-obgyn.com/services in Bedford if you are in the mid-cities area. Fortunately, a great doctor can elevate the whole thing and make it extra special. Working with the doctor will require honesty and transparency. It will benefit the patient and the baby. Be transparent and open with the OBGYN, so he or she knows how to best handle the patient. This is the very beginning of, perhaps, the greatest adventure of all time. A doctor is a partner through this, and they can hold a patient through the bad times and the good times that may be up ahead.

Details About The Lesser Known Museums In Dallas

In Texas, locals and visitors find amazing opportunities through museums. This collection of museums provides them with breathtaking works of art and art history education. They present patrons with an extraordinary experience and understanding of beautiful art discovered throughout the world. The following are details about the Lesser Known Museums in Dallas.

The Meadows Museum

The Meadows Museum is located at 5900 Bishop Blvd in Dallas. As it states in its missions statement, the museum provides an artistic education through the collection of historical pieces. It presents the opportunity to bring understanding to the local area through displays and exhibits. These displays and exhibits contain beautiful masterpieces from all over the world. They offer aesthetics and history to all who visit the museum.

In current exhibitions, patrons can view Modern Spanish art retrieved from the Asociacion Coleccion Arte Contemporaneo. This exhibition expands throughout the month of January. The Festival Book for San Fernando offers etchings created by Juan de Valdes Leal. It also includes several Spanish Baroque period pieces by other amazing artists.

Hours of Operation and Admission Costs

The museum is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. It is open at 1 pm on Sundays until 5 pm. It remains open on Thursdays until 9 pm.

Admission for the Exhibitions starts at $12 for adults. It is $8 for seniors from age sixty-five and up. Students may enter for $4. All patrons who enter the museum after 5 pm on Thursdays aren’t required to pay admission costs. All children who are eleven and younger get in free. Admission is also free for all active-duty military personnel.

The Museum of Geometric MADI Art

The Museum of Geometric MADI Art is located at 3109 Carlisle Street in Dallas. The museum provides a collection of MADI art that provides unique geometric techniques that aren’t confined to a frame. The artwork on display currently includes works by Paul Abbott, John Samuel Abrams, Arthur Aeschbacher, Rebecca Alston, and Josef Albers.

The museum provides workshops and other events for anyone who wishes to participate. The current event offered by the museum is the Juergen Strunck exhibit. It provides beautiful printmaking and drawings produced by this artist. He began as an art professor at the University of Dallas. Today, he is a brilliant professional who produces brilliant pieces loved throughout the state.

Hours of Operations and Admission Costs

The museum is closed on Mondays. It is opened from 11 am to 5 pm on Tuesday through Saturday. It remains open until 7 pm on Thursday. It opens at 1 pm and remains open until 5 pm on Sunday.

There aren’t any admission fees currently to visit the museum. However, any patron who wishes to provide a donation is welcome to do so. They can provide these donations when they visit or through online venues.

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza 411 Elm Street in Dallas. This museum was created in honor of President Fitzgerald Kennedy. The museum provides a guided tour that offers an audio guide introducing the life of this amazing American and president. It spans throughout his entire life story, his presidency, and his heartbreaking assassination.

The museum also offers educational programs for entire history classes. The school administrator can set up these programs for their history students online. Higher fees may apply but accommodate the admission prices required for thirty or more students. These rates offer schools an amazing savings when they book more than one class at a time.

Hours of Operation and Admission Costs

The museum is open on Mondays from 12 pm to 6 pm. It is open Tuesday through Sunday 10 am to 6 pm.

Adults pay $16, and seniors pay $14 for admission. Children and young adults ages six to eighteen pay $13. Children under the age of five with audio guides require $4 for admission. However, if younger children don’t utilize the audio guide there aren’t any admission fees.

The Dallas Holocaust Museum

The Dallas Holocaust Museum is located at 1717 N Hardwood Street in Dallas. It provides a variety of events held throughout the month. It provides workshops that help patrons experience impressive artwork and attend educational options. It hosts Arts and Letters which is an art series in which award-winning authors share their works with patrons. They also offer Off the Wall which is a program in which the museum offers a twist on pop culture.

The museum also provides an educational program that explains the events that led up to and finally ended the Holocaust. They discuss popular historical individuals such as Anne Frank and the military forces that ended Hitler’s reign.

Dallas Museums provide patrons with unique experiences. They have the chance to review extraordinary artwork and discover more about its rich history. They are an idyllic experience for tourists who are visiting the area. For more information about these museums and other local attractions read more here now.

Why New Companies Should Begin Their Start-Up In Dallas

In Texas, entrepreneurs gain a more realistic opportunity to test their ventures. They gain access to major corporations and investors who understand the true requirements for success in their respective industry. It is with this new perspective that they discover how far their new ventures can go and if they have a real opportunity to prosper. The following are details about why owners should take steps to Start-Up in Dallas.

Why Did Major Companies Chose Dallas as Their Headquarters?

While Dallas is roughly two hundred miles from the most heavily populated area in the state, a multitude of Fortune 500 companies made the choice to set up their headquarters in the city. The most popular of these companies is AT&T. The telecommunications giant is surrounded by fifty colleges and learning institutes and prosperous regions in which billionaires have chosen for their permanent home. The city provides amazing opportunities for these giants as the colleges produce top talent in a variety of industries and billionaires are always on the look out for new investments. By setting up in this locale, the major corporations gained a lucrative windfall of options to grow and expand their business.

A Brief History of Technology in Dallas

ti_innovation_centerThe technological history of Dallas provides clear evidence of how start-up companies can prosper in the region. It began in the 1950s as corporations such as Texas Instruments (TI) came to fruition. These start-ups paved the way for even more companies to gain leverage for a brilliant start in the city. This included big oil and banking institutes that have the way for new and upcoming start-up companies for many decades.


What is Dallas Start-up Week?

Dallas Start-up Week is an incredible five-day event that honors and celebrates the entrepreneur spirit in this large city. It provides start-up companies that opportunity to shine and share information about their investments and how they are prospering in the Big D. This event gives bankers and investors the opportunity to step up and jump on board with the most promising opportunities provided by these up and coming businesses.

Why Should New Business Owners Attend the Start-up Celebration?

Since the city is full of Fortune 500 companies, these start-up owners are more likely to find corporations who want to invest in their ventures. These opportunities give them a solid chance to secure the capital they need to get a valiant start in their industry. It is also a terrific option for testing out their market for the products and services they wish to offer. If these major companies assess these ideas, they can provide invaluable advice for these business owners. This advice may reflect changes that make the concept more lucrative or determine its feasibility. It is after all this market that generated billions of dollars or revenue for top companies headquartered in the area.

Are There Any Shortcomings in the Dallas-Fort Worth Region?

Yes, while major corporations are headquartered in the area, they lack the notoriety of the technology start-up boom that occurred in areas such as the Silicon Valley. It is the Silicon Valley and New York primarily that are responsible for major technology-based start-ups that have seen incredible success. This doesn’t, however, discredit the opportunities of the Dallas-Fort Worth region. The sponsored start-up week provides adequate exposure for start-up companies and doesn’t involve the fast shutdown of companies that are less likely to land over the million dollar profit margin in a few short months. This reason gives smaller start-ups the right environment to get their one great shot to make it.

Is the Event and Opportunity Limited to Public Sector Start-Ups?

No, in the Dallas tech scene, companies such as Emerge gained the attention of the Department of Homeland Security. This attention enables a first-time partnership between a public tech company and this government agency. By bringing these emerging companies to the attention of Dallas-based investors, more technology start-ups are likely to improve their chances of success.

In Texas, entrepreneurs who need a clear shot at success bring their ventures to the Dallas Start-up Week. The event introduces these new possibilities to corporations and high-end investors quickly. They increase the odds of funding and guidance by professionals in these respective industries. For more information about these opportunities, companies sign up for these events and bring their ventures to Dallas today.